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Education is one of topmost priority of any individual but unfortunately, it comes at a serious cost. If you’re a current senior or high school student who’s looking forward to college, this time can be especially scary. This is most especially true when you don’t have financial support from your parents. If this is your situation, here are 3 ways you can apply for student loans even without your parents.


  1. Federal student loans


Before considering the next option which is private loan, a student’s first go-to option must be federal student loans. These are government-funded loans and have way better terms and conditions that are fitting for a student. They come with better interest rates as well as better repayment conditions. Above all, federal student loans do not care about credit scores and therefore, do not do credit inquiries.


There are generally two types of federal student loans: they can be either subsidized or unsubsidized. With the former, the government pretty much covers for your interest costs. Meanwhile, the latter requires to pay for the interests costs that will accrue.


  1. Check private lenders


Private loans are less beneficial than government-funded loans but they are helpful, nevertheless. Private lenders, unlike government, are stricter when it comes to factors like income, savings, and credit scores. This can be a difficult for you to find a private lender who will be willing to take on your application. It helps to get a co-signer like a friend or another relative that has a good credit score. This co-signer will guarantee that the loan will be repaid by him or her in the event that you won’t be able to pay for the loan, yourself.


  1. Apply for financial aid


When all else fails, I also suggest you try the financial aid options in the colleges you’re applying for. Search for scholarship grants and send in your applications. There’s a chance you’ll get accepted in at least one.